Automatic Precision - Manufacturers of Swiss Precision Parts since 1976


  • What are your size capabilities?
    API may produce product ranging in size from .008 thru 1.25” in diameter and up to 3 feet in length.
  • Does API, provide prototype work?
    We do prototype work for both new and existing customers on product development or new programs as well as existing production modifications.
  • Does API always require prints or drawings?
    Precision begins with communication, drawings are always the preferred method. However, API has the ability to either work with provided samples to reverse engineer as well as create from concept.
  • Does API do product design?
    We do not do product design. However, we do work hand in hand with our customers supporting your engineering staff on new or existing projects, providing critical feedback resulting in the most efficient component for both production and functionality. You may be assured if we should see an opportunity to improve or provide a cost savings our staff will promptly communicate this to your representatives.
  • What are API’s minimum order requirements?
    API has no minimum order quantity. We are ready and capable to produce product for you in quantities of 1 pc part thru millions of components.
  • Does API stock parts?
    API works with customers on annual blanket type orders. Blankets are valid one year from the time of order.
  • What are the types of machining that API performs?
    API produces Swiss precision machined product on a variety of equipment including; Escomatics, Cam Swiss and Swiss precision CNC lathes. These primary machining centers are also supported by our in house secondary/rotarty transfer machines.
  • Does API offer outside value added operations?
    YES, we provide heat treating, plating, anodizing, polishing, grinding and special finishes through a network of quality service providers.
  • Does API accommodate specialized packaging
    YES, API will provide specialized packaging per customer requirements.
  • Does API manufacture screws?
    Yes, most certainly do, but not the kind that first come to mind. API has the capability to produce high precision custom items such as bone screws and screws for high precision measuring equipment. We have produced screws as small as those found in precision mechanical watches and high end jewelry.
  • Does API do micro machining
    Yes we do, products as small as contacts found in some of the world’s smallest hearing aids.
  • How does API ship product?
    API ships via UPS or any customer preferred means. All of our product is shipped FOB Harwood Heights IL.
  • What types of materials does API use in production?
    API produces components machined from:
    BrassAluminumSteelCopper alloys
    BronzeStainless steelsTitanium
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