Automatic Precision - Manufacturers of Swiss Precision Parts since 1976

We are proud to be a clean eco conscious company. API is currently in full environmental compliance, and has been for many years. Please feel free to reference our IEPA compliance records.

Certificate of Operation

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API is a committed, eco-conscious company, that will remain cognizant in our efforts to continuously improve our operations, in an environmentally friendly way. We have a great responsibility to our planet Earth, our local community and to ourselves.

Our goal is to improve the environment by working with community leaders to create a safe and clean place where we work and live.

Going GREEN is a challenging process in the manufacturing environment. API reinforces its goals by promoting recycling and/or reuse of everyday materials within our processes. We are dedicated to fostering a partnership with local IEPA to educate our staff on new ways to remain at and above compliance with relevant environmental laws and regulations.

Our promise is that API is committed and will remain a company conscious in an effort to continuously improve our facility in an environmentally friendly way, that will enhance sustainability.

Our compliance records for your convenience may be downloaded here.

API contributes to the
environment on a daily basis by performing
the following duties:

  • Properly recycling scrap which is then reused in the production of new raw materials.
  • Recycle materials used for the manufacturing process i.e. – Carbide and other materials used to manufacture cutting tools.
  • Capture and contain cutting fluids for recycling. Captured fluids are either recycled back into the machine tools or removed by a licensed recovery company to be reused by other industries.
  • Contain fluids with the implementation of drip pans under each machine tool where necessary.
  • 24 hour use of Electrostatic air recovery units.
  • Source capture fluid mists with machine tool enclosures equipped with air filtering devices.
  • Reuse and recycling of packaging materials including corrugated boxes and packing materials.
  • Recovery of cleaning solutions with in-house recovery units.
  • Ongoing efforts to replace lighting with energy saving fixtures.